Hupnos Sleep Tracking App

With the Hupnos App you can track your sleep and monitor your sleep for snoring. See how effective your current snoring remedy is working by taking the Hupnos Sleep Challenge.

Take the Hupnos Sleep Challenge

Pick your favorite snoring remedy

Breath rite strips, chin straps, mouth piece, smart pillow, EPAP Tape, CPAP, Auto CPAP, or whatever you use to reduce snoring.

Download the Hupnos Sleep App

Available now to download the Hupnos Sleep App for IOS from the App Store and for Android from the Google Play store.

Before bed hit start on the Hupnos App

Plug in your phone and set up on your night stand next to your bed. The Hupnos app will listen for snoring during the night.

Once you wake up hit stop on the Hupnos App

You can review your nights sleep on the Results tab on the Hupnos Sleep App.

Repeat for 7 days to see sleep trends

Once you have completed a few nights of tracked sleep hit the Trends tab on the Hupnos Sleep App to review how your current snoring remedy is helping to reduce your snoring.