Getting started

Thanks for purchasing the Hupnos Sleep Mask. Here are a few instructions and videos to help you start sleeping refreshed!
  1. Download the iOS App from the App Store or the Android App from Google Play.
  2. Charge your Mask by plugging the included micro USB connector into the port located on the bottom left inside of the mask. The charge light will be red then turn green when fully charged in approximately 4 hours. Each charge will allow 2+ nights of snore free sleep.
  3. Initialize your Mask by pushing a paper clip (included in the box) into the hole just to the left of the nose pice (not the charge LED hole). Note: this is only needed for the first use.
  4. Fit the Mask around your head by adjusting the velcro straps. Verify the soft silicone piece covers your nostrils and the fabric completely covers your eyes.
  5. Please read our quick FAQ by clicking this text and check out some of the more detailed videos below. It may take some time to become accustomed to our system for reducing snoring, but we're here to help every step of the way!

Charging your Hupnos Sleep Mask

Initializing your Mask

App Set up and Mask Pairing

  • Sign into the App and Hupnos will automatically email you a confirmation code– Please CHECK your SPAM folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.
  • Create your Profile from the Settings Page
  • Link your Phone to your mask
    The Hupnos Mask was designed to pair only with the Hupnos App.

    Note: Mask will not pair via your smartphone’s Bluetooth controls.

    If the mask is not visible on the Hupnos App, go to "Settings" page and then click on the "Test Your Mask" button, to create a connection between the App and the Mask. This is done by moving the “Bluetooth” slide button located on the top right corner. Slide button to the left (button turns white) and then slide button to the right (button turns green). By activating the Bluetooth setting the App will find, prioritize and connect to the Hupnos Mask.
  • Test your Mask
    Next press the “Perform Test” bar to confirm the pairing. The mask should then confirm it is connected to the App.
  • Change default mode from EASY to BASIC under SLEEP OPTIONS
    Go to "Settings" under “Sleep Options” choose the “Basic” option at the top of the page and then press “Select this mode” bar at bottom of page to Save settings. A green dot will appear next to the active mode that has just been selected. Basic mode enables the position correction and EPAP features to be activated.

    Note: Mode choices are Easy, Basic and Advanced. Easy mode is the default setting where position correction and EPAP are disabled. This is meant for users who would like to ease into their sleep mask experience before activating more advanced features.

Prior to Sleep

  • Open Hupnos App and sign in. To increase accuracy of Hupnos App users can select from a list of factors each night that may influence snoring and sleep to help you track trends. To do so prior to sleeping, go to “Record” page, then click “Factors that may cause snoring” bar and then select FACTORS from list.

    Note: ”+ ADD FACTORS” allows users to add customized factors vs the predetermined list.
  • Push Start in the circle in the middle of the “Record” page
  • Place your Phone on the nightstand or a stable surface near your head. We recommend you keep your phone charging all night.

    Note: It’s also helpful to put your phone in “Do not disturb mode” prior to sleeping, which is located under your smartphone’s Settings section. This allows the Hupnos App to continuously monitor without any interruptions.
  • Put on the Mask
    The soft silicone nosepiece should cover your nostrils while the fabric completely covers your eyes.
  • Go to Sleep as you normally would and start sleeping refreshed!.

HupnosApp set up

Falling Asleep

The mask may take a few nights to become accustomed to wearing, especially if you’ve not worn a sleep mask previously. The Hupnos Sleep mask activates the two components (vibration and EPAP) only when you are snoring and asleep. Both components are designed to work without fully waking you. If it senses waking-like movements, it will stop the active components from functioning, so you can sleep.

When you wake in the morning, you can view your previous night’s snoring results on the App. Hupnos tracks many data points so that you can better understand your snoring and sleep patterns.

Proper Mask Fit

Charging your Hupnos Sleep Mask

Initializing your Mask

Ongoing Learning and Adjustments

Go to "Settings" page under “Sleep Options” chose the “Advanced” option at the top of the page then press “Select this mode” bar at bottom right of page to save the Advanced mode. After pressing this bar a green dot will Appear next to the active mode that has just been selected.

The choices for Advanced Options are as follows:

  • Position correction / vibration (0-100)
  • Back side angle adjustment (30 – 90 degrees)
  • EPAP pressure range (0 -100)
  • Set delay time for start of recording (1-60 minutes)

Note: Press Reset bar on bottom left of page to go back to factory default settings.You can upload your nightly data from the “Settings” page by pressing the “Pending Upload File” button. This allows you to view saved trends of your snoring and sleep patterns.


Hupnos--Start Sleeping Refreshed!