When and where can I get a Hupnos mask?

How do I get the mask to fit well for the best results?

Please see our infographic on the Hupnos Mask page Click here and scroll down
Also check out our fit video  here

Can I use my mask with other treatments?

Yes, we encourage you to try other treatments with and without our mask and see what works for you. A mouthpiece or chinstrap are sometimes used along with our mask or aroma therapy and essential oils. Our database of anonymous users is meant to be populated with this type of data to allow users to compare and experiment and share.

Will your software work without a mask?

Yes, our free app records your snoring and shows you snoring results without a mask. You can track remedies and factors along with your snoring state and sounds. Try it tonight!

I have a stuffy nose. Will this mask work for me?

Will it wake me up?

What factors influence my snoring?

Does the microphone care if I sleep on one side or the other since the noise is lower? 

How much memory is used on my phone?

Will this help my Sleep Apnea?

What is snoring?

Can I use my mask for power napping at work or on a plane?

What happens if two snorers are in the room?

Can I return my Hupnos sleep mask?

Have a question that we didn't provide an answer for? Please mail us at hello@hupnos.com and we will get back to you shortly.