Snoring Ruined My Relationship

Snoring Ruined My Relationship

Couples are meant to stick together through thick and thin, but snoring can push relationships to breaking point.

By the numbers:

  • 25% Americans snore!
  • Out of these 24% are sleeping in separate beds
  • 2 in 5 couples admit that snoring is affecting their sex life negatively
  • 60% people agreed that lack of sleep is ruining their relationship with family and friends.


Listen to some actual quotes from partners who are at the breaking point.


Event organizer Adrian Masheter, 25, sleeps on the sofa most nights because his wine consultant girlfriend of two years, Gabriela Rodriguez, 22, makes so much noise in her sleep.


"At first it was a bit of a laugh and I thought Gabriela’s snoring was just temporary. But as time has gone on and I have spent more nights on the sofa, it is much more of a pain.”


Full-Time mom Christina Koutoula, 31 was so exhausted due to husband Dimitrios’s snoring she moved into the spare room.


"Dimitrios and I have slept apart on and off for years but four months ago I moved into the spare bedroom permanently. I couldn’t take it a moment longer.”


Sales adviser Angela Durrant, 48, from Norwich, is so sleep-deprived because of partner David Bazley’s snoring that she struggles to concentrate at work.


"I’ve often had to explain to my bosses why I’m not feeling my usual self. After being kept awake by David half the night, I struggle to focus because my head is so foggy.”


Single Dad Kevin Reilly was having a hard time finding somebody that would stick around and knew he snored, but never really knew how bad.


“I had never heard this sound until I recorded it. But every person that's slept near me has suffered through it. That sound has ruined countless relationships for me.”


Jane’s husband knew that his snoring was a product of his weight but wasn’t really doing anything about it, so she moved into another room.


“I have a headache all the time, I'm snappy, make mistakes, I look like garbage, I'm biting my nails again, I'm just exhausted. I feel like he should just go on a diet but he is letting our relationship just fizzle out instead.”





We are the last people in the room who are aware of how bad our snoring might be. Unless we engage in conversation with those that we love the most we may never know until it’s too late.


The good news is there are solutions!

Hupnos' innovative sleep mask will be available on Indiegogo next month.  

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