Categories of Snoring Aids

Not all snoring aids are created equal!

By now, if your (or your partners) snoring has brought you to researching a solution, and in turn brought you to Hupnos, you must be aware that there are quite a few “solutions” for you to choose from.

Some are bulky and cumbersome while others are small and ineffective. It seems as though a comfortable balance had not been discovered, until we came on the scene.


We concentrated our research around the tipping point between comfort and effectiveness while incorporating technology to collect useable data.


In our efforts we have isolated the types of categories that snoring aids fall into and the areas of snoring solutions offered. The areas include

  • Snoring Recognition
  • Comfort
  • Physical Intervention
  • Sleep Position Detection
  • Respiratory Airway Dilation  


Here is what we have found:


Disposable Strips/Nose Plugs


These devices are small, unassuming, uncomfortable and therefore relatively ineffective in long-term relief from snoring

The only category that they truly satisfy is Physical Intervention.


Mouth Guard/Chin Strap


Not unlike the plugs and strips, these attack snoring from the source but at the cost of comfort. They are much more unsightly than even the strips and are cumbersome to wear while sleeping. You are more likely to remove them in the middle of the night.


Smart Pillow


These are getting closer to satisfying the necessary categories and utilizing technology, in some cases, but are more often just misshapen pillows designed to open airways. Pillows that truly use technology for Snore Recognition tend to run extremely expensive.


Bone Conductive Technologies


These are often earphones or eye pads that detect snoring based on frequency reverberations in the skull and respond with low frequency sonic waves to combat. They are generally designed for comfort and do offer Physical Intervention but do not detect sleeping patterns or positions and do nothing to dilate airways.




Most people are drawn to these simply because they look the part of the bulky medical intervention, however they offer no other solution than to physical dilate the airways while you sleep and are generally very uncomfortable to wear.




We are the only solution we have found that satisfy all of the five categories of snoring relief that you want and with the use of our app detail your progress or regression so that you can make real changes to daily patterns in order to get the best sleep possible.