• The Lighter Side of Snoring (Halloween Edition)

    So you live with a snorer, or you are the snorer. We spend a lot of time educating you on the ills and downfalls of apnea, an actual condition that requires medical assistance, and we lighten things up with the importance of not snore shaming your partner (we are all human), but until our mask gets to your house, let’s look on how to embrace your snoring.
  • Snoring Ruined My Relationship

    Snoring Ruined My Relationship

    Couples are meant to stick together through thick and thin, but snoring can push relationships to breaking point.

  • Quality of Sleep and Chronic Back Pain - A Case Study

    Sleep disorders and chronic low back pain are frequent health problems and it is unsurprising that the two can co-exist. This study was conducted to evaluate if sleep disorders and chronic pain associated are more frequently than one would expect.
  • The Anatomy of a Snorer

    The Anatomy of a Snorer

    Most people snore from time-to-time. In some cases it is nothing more than a nuisance to you and your partner. Every so often chronic snoring might be an indicator of something more serious and medical help should be sought out.

  • What is Snoring?

    What is Snoring?

    Snoring is loud breathing during sleep that sounds like unpleasant rattling, vibrating, or sawing and can cause havoc with people nearby.

  • Categories of Snoring Aids

    Not all snoring aids are created equal! By now, if your (or your partners) snoring has brought you to researching a solution, and in turn brought you to Hupnos, you must be aware that there are quite a few “solutions” for you to choose from.
  • Beta Testing is On!

    The beta units are built and in the homes of some lucky users. 
  • First UX Alpha Build

    Our first units are now being made for User Experience Testing.